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Abseiling cladding installation and repair in London

abseilers cladding installation

Tiger Way – Downs Road, abseiling cladding installation project is still running. After our attendance on the building project of these two residential tower by McLaren Group and FK Group in July and August 2018, the time for snagging is arrived. When Repair Abseiling Limited professional abseilers installed a complete cladding system on two inaccessible corners at summer time and the general cladding installation project was running with full steam ahead these small defects of the terracotta slabs weren’t important enough to repair them immediately. For nowadays all mast climber is taken away (except one on the street elevation, but this story is going to be the next story…) and all small chips and cracks on the fragile terracotta cladding system has got in a view, which require some repairs. Surface and scratch repair is a usual task in our rope access practice, but this type of terracotta cladding gave us a lot to do. All elevations where the access is not possible anymore on any other way / six huge surfaces on two tower block / must be completed on time to the handover procedure. Next to some alignment of these huge and heavy slabs the surface repair was the main priority. Mix and fill the holes with the special porcelain repair paste and work the surface out professionally need some special skills on rope, but our rope access team repaired and completed all surfaces before the snagging list made.  The other constant difficulty on this project is the missing abseiling rigging points on the roof, what limits strongly the basic access to the external elevations. However Repair Abseiling prepared for these situations. Our mobile anchor systems makes possible any access solution on almost any buildings. As the planned davit arms are still missing and their restricted capacity wouldn’t good enough for our purposes we needed to sort this issue out with our mobile anchor system. You can read more about this abseiling cladding installation project on our main site HERE.                                        

Complete terracotta cladding installation from the brackets to the coping.
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