Cladding inspection and repair, Newall Court, White City

During this lock-down period our emergency maintenance services comes to the fore. Newall Court is a newly built residential block, managed by L&Q, next to the Westfield Shopping Centre at White City. This building complex wrapped around with a well designed ceramic / aluminium / glass cladding system, used by good quality materials, however, despite of the best intention of the engineers and builders, a relatively big deadly piece of the aluminium cladding fell onto a ground floor terrace from nine floor heights. Luckily, nobody has injured in this “accident”, but this issue required immediate action to make clear the severity and probability of any further malfunction of the building. As this cladding inspection highly prioritised by our customer (Metroglaze / L&Q), our abseiler team carried out an immediate thorough inspection of the affected cladding section. Fortunately the damaged fallen part could be aligned back to the original condition, so it has been replaced and fixed adequately. This replacement process revealed a small imperfection of one corner what required a small modification (cutting) for the perfect joining. Approaching and carrying out safely these type of cladding inspection and repair projects is a daily routine for our abseiler team, but the new social distancing and other basic health and safety measurements about COVID 19 require a lot of extra attention, work and facilities. Pick up the keys, using a lift and other building facilities, providing a basic welfare facilities for work, sanitise all reusable PPE and equipment …etc. make the easiest projects much more difficult and complicated. Repair Abseiling Limited determined to keep all rules and guidelines of the government (and more if it is possible) to provide safe work area for the abseiler team and any affected on workplace.