Residential glazing repair, Soho, London.

residential glazing repairs rope access

Residential glazing replacement, London

Residential glazing repair completed by Repair Abseiling professional abseiler team in Soho, London. Three broken pane has been replaced via rope access above the busy Lexington Street in one day. The main difficulty of this abseiling residential glazing repair project was taking the broken glass off from the frame without any falling debris what could mean potential danger to the people on the street below. Rope access glazing is always a delicate operation. The main priority of all our abseiling projects is the safe working manner. The proximity of this busy urban area to the Covent Garden has made this high level glazing repair project a bit more complicated. Over the adequate exclusion zone on the street one of our trained groundsman needed to help the pedestrians getting to the other, safe side of the street to avoid our work area. Safety precaution follows safety precaution… Using a special sticky foil on both sides of the broken glass to hold the broken glass fragments together is a basic safety requirement in these abseiling residential glazing repair projects. This foil can help preventing the falling of any dangerous glass fragments. High level glazing projects require all possible safety measurements and precaution what possible. Sometimes, like on this high level glass replacement project we’ve used a scaffold-net behind the abseilers as an extra prevention for a safety reason during the removal period. These old 4 mm thick panes has been fixed into the galvanised metal frame by a general glazing putty what’s made the removal a bit more complicated. In these cases the bigger /dangerous/ chunks and the whole pane must be secured by the safety sticky foil. When the sticky foil has held the fragments together the glass could have been smashed, even around the perimeters. On this way the whole secured pane could have been removed safely from the frame. After all, when the residual small, smashed pieces in the frame didn’t mean potential danger to anyone the putty and glass splinters removed safely. The surface preparation was the next stage of this residential glazing repair project what is the fundamental part of the installation. As the glass must be fit into the frame perfectly and the putty must achieve the maximum adhesion, the original paintwork of the frame must be cleaned properly. After a lot of preparation and safety measurements, fitting the glasses into the frames and fix them with a special, flexible glazing putty (like any ordinary abseiling mastic application project) was an easy ride. These type of residential glazing repair projects are usual, even on any older, single glazed high rise buildings. Abseiling glazing repairs projects are never easy, but our abseiler team has many years of experience in residential and commercial glazing projects

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