Sussex House – Collinson Building, Glazing work

Our professional abseiler glazier team completed a special skylight glass replacement project at Sussex House – Collinson Group, Haywards Heath. This high level glass replacement was a vital part of the main glazing refurbishment and waterproofing project of this fully glazed atrium what had to eliminate all (countless) severe leaking issues of this old glazing system. This commercial office building and its huge, central atrium has suffered from some really awkward leaking issues for a long time what required our expertise and special services, but the replacement of this broken glass unit above the main entrance had to be done first for the completeness of this comprehensive waterproofing project. As Repair Abseiling Limited covers any special glazing works too, our professional team managed all details and works of this high level glazing project. Carry out a skylight glass unit replacement on a relatively fragile glass roof is really complicated generally, but our team has all necessary special equipment, ability and experience to complete this special glazing projects safely and efficiently. Our team set the glass unit free from the fixings, pressure plates and original “mastic work” in minutes and prepared the broken glass for the lifting quickly. The professional crane operation and good cooperation helped this operation to be seamless and really fast. If everything is going well, like in this case, the entire procedure takes no longer than 10 – 15 minutes. Our professionals set into the frame, fixed and sealed the new glass unit properly in few minutes, what is the part of the system already and belongs to the benefit of the five years guaranty of the waterproofing project. You can watch the short video about this operation below and read more about our other special glazing projects HERE. Repair Abseiling Limited is one of the most professional abseiling company in London, Greater London. Our professional abseilers have ability and decades of experience to manage any special abseiling project in this industry.