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Repair Abseiling carried out a reactive emergency rope access maintenance project at Pimlico, London where the dislocated and dangerously tilted top section of the soil-pipe required our special assistance. The old and worn brackets and other fixings couldn’t hold the weight of the top section of this soil-pipe anymore, so it is dislocated and stuck on a cross way above the glass roof of the conservatory on the courtyard. The residents tried to secure this dislocated section with some rope, but the weight of this pipe and the high risk of further damages required our professional assistance. As it could mean serious danger for everyone, this rope access maintenance situation was emergency. Repair Abseiling emergency rope access maintenance services covers all similar emergency situation throughout London, however our professionals can be mobilised in Greater London and beyond. As this building has a good facilities and conditions for rope access Repair Abseiling could sort this situation promptly. Our counter weight anchors made possible adequate access to the affected area. This solution can be used safely without any drilling and/or destructive installation on the building structures. Emergency rope access maintenance projects require special skills from the abseilers and comprehensive preparation for 24/7. It means highly trained and experienced workforce with all necessary tools, rope access and rigging equipment, what need to be ready to action anytime in an emergency call. The basic training of our workforce (over the minimal requirements, such as IRATA trained abseilers, CSCS L2 working at height UKasl asbestos awareness …etc) is starting with the theoretical knowledge about the general and comprehensive risk assessment and general sequences of the safety method statement. This paperwork and our insurance documentation must be ready and up to date for all individual projects what the highly trained L3 supervisor has to shape it on site to the actual requirements. In this emergency rope access maintenance situation, the actual L3 supervisor organised safely and efficiently all requirements of this project what could be completed in a couple of hours. All parts of the pipe system secured with a safety line and fixed back with the adequate fixings, screws and brackets. Repair Abseiling provides rope access guttering and gutter repair services anyway, so this gutter repair project was our daily routine eventually. Repair Abseiling proud to provide this special rope access maintenance service what keep the budget on an acceptable level and make our customers happy and sure that the unexpected situation is over. There is a huge difference between this type of emergency rope access maintenance and the planned, pro-active maintenance, where the actual emergency situation can be prevented by a regular inspection and necessary repair. You can find more information about our regular rope access pro-active  maintenance and other emergency maintenance projects on our main website HERE.

Rope access building maintenance

Our rope access building maintenance services covers any planned pro-active and emergency reactive maintenance projects in London, Greater London. Rope access is the most efficient and cost effective way for any building maintenance project. Our professional team can solve safely any access situation on almost any building to complete any window cleaning, repair and/or maintenance from the roof repair and gutter cleaning to the most complicated high level glazing projects. Rope access provides perfect solution to reach safely inaccessible surfaces and parts of buildings. Our rope access building maintenance services have saved a lot of money and time for our customers so far. Avoiding unreasonable extra expenses of the scaffold system or other powered access, because of some necessary repair or maintenance is possible with rope access only.